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Entrance, visit and permanent resident requirements
Gaining residence in the Dominican Republic
Foreigners may gain the right to reside in the Dominican Republic by acquiring a residence visa from the Foreign Relations Ministry and a temporary or permanent residence card from the Immigration Department.

Visa classifications

These visas are issued by the Foreign Service of the Dominican Republic or by the Foreign Relations Ministry.

Certain people are not required to have visas, such as citizens of countries with which the Dominican Republic has an agreement for the exemption of visa requirements, so long as the purpose of the trip is authorized in those agreements. In this case, these foreign citizens will be permitted to enter Dominican territory for a period of 60 days with only the purchase of a "Tourist Card". Tourist Cards may be acquired for  the amount of US$10.00 in the embarking airport or in the Dominican airport through which the foreigner arrives.

Visas are issued in passports or travel documents acknowledged by the appropriate authorities of the Dominican Republic to those who comply with the applicable conditions that are necessary to be admitted to the Dominican Republic.

Visa authorizations shall be open for 60 days from the date indicated in the visa.

The issuance of a visa in the Dominican Republic is subject to the payment of appropriate consular fees in the following cases:

a. business visa;
b. dependent visa;
c. tourism visa;
d. residence visa; and
e. student visa.

For visas granted by the country's Foreign Relations Ministry, the fees published in national newspapers are to be applied. Citizens of countries that have certain agreements with the Dominican Republic may be exempt from these fees.

Visas may be canceled at any time by the Foreign Relations Ministry, without prior notice.


Residence visa

Obtaining  Dominican Nationality

Naturalization Procedure


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