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Naturalization Procedure

To begin the process of requesting Dominican nationality, an applicant must send a letter of request via the State Secretariat of Interior and Police to the President of the Republic that contains the basis on which the applicant is requesting Dominican nationality. In addition, the applicant must submit:

a. a non-delinquency certificate issued by the appropriate authority in the applicant's country of birth;
b. a birth certificate (translated by a judicial interpreter if it is not in Spanish) and notarized by the Dominican Consulate of the applicant's country of birth;
c. an explanation if the applicant's nationality at the time of application is not the country of the applicant's birth;
d. receipt of a tax payment of RD$10.00;
e. five 2" x 2" photographs of the applicant; and
f. any other documents on which the applicant bases his or her request, such as:
i. a photocopy of the applicant's residence card showing that the applicant has resided without interruption in the Dominican Republic for two years;
ii. two certified letters from the Dominican Republic's Immigration Department stating that the applicant resides in the country and the applicant's file contains the warranty letter needed to grant residence according to the law;
iii. an additional warranty letter signed before a notary public by the person who assumes responsibility for the moral and economic status of the applicant; and
iv. in the case of a person applying for naturalization on the basis of owning Dominican real estate, a copy of the certificate of title of that property.

The granting of Dominican nationality is a discretionary power of the President of the Republic, who, when he decides to grant it, issues a decree in that regard. The President also can revoke the nationality of any naturalized person who (i) during the first year after having been naturalized changes his or her domicile to another country, or (ii) has left the Dominican Republic without returning for 10 years. The successful applicant must pay the fees associated with publishing the decree in which the President grants the application.

When such a decree is published in the Official Gazette, the applicant shall swear his or her loyalty to the Dominican Republic. The official who takes the oath shall provide the applicant with a certified copy of the same bearing a sealed photograph of the naturalized person. Said oath shall also be published in the Official Gazette, publication of which is also subject to the payment of the publication costs by the naturalized person.

It is important to emphasize that the Dominican Constitution recognizes the principle of dual nationality.

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