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Obtaining  Dominican Nationality

Under the Constitution of the Dominican Republic, there are a number of ways a person may become a citizen of the Dominican Republic. A person:
a. born in the Dominican Republic is a Dominican citizen;
b. whose father or mother are Dominicans may be able to opt for Dominican nationality;
c. who was a Dominican national as a result of prior Dominican constitutions or laws is a Dominican national; and
d. may become a Dominican national by naturalization.

There are a variety of circumstances under which a foreigner may become a naturalized Dominican citizen. A person may be naturalized if he or she has:
a. resided in the country for at least six months after having obtained legal domicile in the country;
b. resided continually in the country for at least two years;
c. resided continually in the country for at least six months, if he or she has formed a business or owns real estate in the country;
d. resided at least six months in the country and has married a Dominican citizen;
e. farmed land in the country and obtained authorization from the country's President;
f. served in the Dominican Armed Forces;
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g. participated in the Dominican Republic's agricultural colonies; or
h. obtained special concessions from the President, which normally are granted to foreigners who have served the Dominican Republic with merit.

It is important to note that under the Dominican Republic's naturalization law, residence interruptions resulting from trips abroad of no more than one year in duration, with an intention to return, are counted as residence in the country. Likewise, residence interruptions resulting from a mission or duties given by the Dominican Republic are counted as residence in the country.

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